The word ‘dressage’ originates in the French language and means ‘training’. More precisely, it is the art of striving towards an imperceptible communication between horse and rider, demonstrating harmony, flexibility, balance and elegance.

At Allens Hill, we want everyone to join us and enjoy themselves. Hence we cater for all dressage riders: from the apprehensive first timer to the professional Grand Prix rider. A wide range of horses dance up our centre line - we even have a Shetland pony who regularly competes!

Our dressage competitions are split into two types - unaffiliated classes and those affiliated to British Dressage - although both are run under British Dressage rules. With links to British Dressage, we also run Team Quest and My Quest competition days .

Our unaffiliated competitions run every Friday, most weekends and, during the summer time, on some Thursday evenings.

Anyone with a horse or pony can come along and take part. We offer classes for junior riders, novice riders, young horses, veteran horses, racehorses, eventers and anyone else not in one of these sections!

Our Intro and Prelim classes are split into bronze, silver and gold competitions which are determined by the experience of the horse and rider combination.

Junior and senior sections apply for all classes except dressage competitions which run on Fridays during term time when only senior sections apply.

Many of out unaffiliated competitions are also qualifiers for Cricklands and Trailblazers.

The highlights of our dressage year are the Easter and Summer Dressage championships for any competitor with a score above 60% at one of our shows in the relevant level.

Please note that on some days in our competition schedule, both affiliated and unaffiliated classes take place concurrently.

For horses 15 and over, we run special Veteran Horse Dressage competitions (Intro, Prelim and Novice tests). These occur once a month.

Our Racehorse classes are designed for any thoroughbred horse which has raced or has been bred to race to compete against each other.

In more recent times, we have started running NSEA (National Schools Equestrian Association) dressage competitions where individuals and teams represent their schools to qualify for the NSEA Championships.

Every month from July to February, we hold competitions which are part of the Pony Club Winter League Dressage series. The Novice, Intermediate and Open tests are specific to Pony Club.

  • Enter online here or put the details on the back of a cheque. Payment by cheque should be made payable to "Allens Hill". £14.00 per class. (Members £12.00) Closing dates for entries are the WEDNESDAY before the event (or the Sunday before the event for Friday classes). No entries on the day.
  • Times available from 4:00 pm THURSDAY before the event for Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday classes (or TUESDAY before the event for Thursday or Friday Classes).
  • Entries are limited per class. We will hold a waiting list.