Veteran Horse Dressage

Our Veteran Horse Dressage classes are designed for any horse or pony who is 15 years or over. The concept behind the classes is that rider/horse combinations have the opportunity to compete against horses or ponies of a similar age. Riders can be any age!

  • Enter online here or put the details on the back of a cheque. Payment by cheque should be made payable to "Allens Hill". £16.00 per class. (Members £14.00) Closing dates for entries are the WEDNESDAY before the event. No entries on the day.
  • Times available from 4:00 pm THURSDAY before the event.
  • Please state the age of your horse. Pre-Veteran for horses 15 to 19 years, Veteran for horses 20-24 years and Veteran Plus for horses 25 years and over.
  • Entries are limited per class. we will hold a waiting list.