Showjumping Conditions
  • Competitors will be able to Arrive, Compete, Depart and so they can make better use of their day.
  • Our showjumping competitions will continue to be pre-booked.
  • Times will be given and they will be posted on our website 2 days before the competition.
  • Warm ups will be quiet and a steward will be appointed to do the warm up fences.
  • All entries and payments can only be accepted online in advance of the show.
  • The show organisers have the right to cancel any, part of, or an entire show. Show organisers reserve the right to refuse entries without assigning a reason.
  • Specific individual time slots are allocated. Times will be published on the website in advance of the show as stated on the schedule.
  • Any change of entries must be notified before close of entries.
  • Withdrawals will be refunded up to the close of entries.
  • No refunds of transfers will be made after close of entries.
  • Each competitor must have appropriate insurance, owner or where applicable, parent or guardian, shall be solely responsible for consequences of loss or damage done to, occasioned by, or arising from any animal in their care.
  • All unaccompanied competitors must email with an emergency contact telephone number in case of an emergency.
  • All horses / ponies / travel companions must be up to date vaccinations against Equine Influenza. For British Showjumping and unaffiliated shows, Allens Hill accept annual boosters within 12 months but not less than 7 days before attending the site.
  • Please ensure you bring your equine passport.
On Arrival
  • On arrival at the show, all entries will be checked at the gate.
  • Please have your equine passport available.
  • Track and Trace details will be collected.
  • Individual competitors parking spaces will be maintained.
  • Competitors, their supporter and friends are asked to arrive and leave at similar times.
  • Riders, their supporter and friends will need to park within competitors parking space.
  • Horses / Ponies are not permitted to be tied up outside your vehicle.
Preparing to Compete
  • Tacking up to take place within the designated parking area. Correct and safe dress must be worn at all times. Protective headgear must be worn at all times when mounted on any part of the showground. It is the duty of riders and in the interest of safety, to ensure that their headgear provides proper protection, is correctly fitted and remains in place.
  • Horses should not be left unattended or tied to the outside of lorries/trailers. There is a £20 penalty for any horses found digging a hole in the car park.
  • Currently there are no onsite catering facilities.
  • Toilets are located on the carpark.
  • Hand hygiene product is available by the entrance to every arena.
  • Dogs are only permitted in the carpark and must be kept on a short lead.
  • Please bring your own water for your horse.
Warming-up and competing
  • Competitions will be run in accordance with the Rule Book of the relevant discipline.
  • There will be published course walk times for each class.
  • The number of competitors in the warm up will be restricted. A specific flatwork warm up will be available.
  • A steward will be appointed to man the practice jumps at all times (No supporters, helpers grooms are allowed in warm-up arena).
  • No unauthorised persons shall enter the competition or collecting rings.
  • Your supporter and friends may watch from the outside of the warm-up and from the walkway of the main arena.
  • Any prize money due will be paid via the PayPal system to the original payee (please make sure all contact details are correct. After one month, prize money uncollected will be forfeited.
  • No cash prize money will be paid.
  • There are no presentation on the day and results are posted online.
  • A C4 envelop with a large stamp will work for two rosettes.
  • Please ensure that your parking area is clear of all poo / hay and litter before leaving.
  • There is a £20 penalty for any untidy parking area.
Updated 21/07/21