Covid guidance and instructions for attendees
  • Due to restricted office hours all bookings to be made via Facebook messenger.
  • Payment will be via PayPal invoice to confirm the booking (if payment is not made within 24 hours of the invoice being issued the booking will be cancelled).
  • All bookings are non-refundable.
  • If you or any member of your household is feeling ill/showing signs of Covid-19 please do not attend. Entries will be refunded after you have received advice after contacting 111.
  • Riders may be supported by up to five persons. (At total of six) Rule off six.
  • Please respect tier guidance when traveling.
  • Only the riders and permitted supporters can attend. The general public are not permitted.
  • On arrival at the show, all entries will be checked at the gate.
  • Competitors and their supporter will need to arrive at similar together.
  • Full contact details of rider and supporters will be recorded for Trace and Trace.
  • There will be no exceptions.
  • Parking spaces are marked out in accordance with social distancing regulations.
  • Riders and their supporter will need park adjacent each other.
  • Horse are not permitted to be tied up outside your vehicle.
  • Prior to leaving your vehicle, and on return to the vehicle, you should follow suitable hand hygiene protocol.
Social distancing and hygiene
  • Social distancing must be adhered to please maintaining at least a 2m social distance at all times.
  • The use of face masks and other mitigation should be used to help to reduce the spread of infection and are encouraged. 
  • All attendees should follow suitable hand hygiene protocol regularly. Do not share tack or equipment.
  • Tacking up to take place within the designated parking area.
  • Currently there are no onsite catering facilities.
  • Currently dogs are not permitted on the site.
  • Please bring your own water for your horse.
Updated 17/05/21
  • Subject to change at short notice.
  • Thank you to British Equine Federation for the work they have undertaken with the government to develop protocols to permit horses to be safely exercised.