At Allens Hill, we want everyone to join us and enjoy themselves. Hence we cater for all dressage riders: from the apprehensive first timer to the professional Grand Prix rider. A wide range of horses dance up our centre line - we even have a Shetland pony who regularly competes!

Our dressage competitions are split into two types - unaffiliated classes and those affiliated to British Dressage - although both are run under British Dressage rules. With links to British Dressage, we also run Team Quest and My Quest competition days.

Many of our unaffiliated competitions are also qualifiers for Cricklands and Trailblazers (please see the relevant pages on our website to know how to qualify!)

The highlights of our dressage year are the Easter and Summer Dressage championships for any competitor with a score above 60% at one of our unaffiliated shows in the relevant level.
Easter Dressage Championship - Monday 18th April 2022
Summer Dressage Championship - Monday 29th August 2022

Please note that on some days in our competition schedule, both affiliated and unaffiliated classes take place concurrently.

To make our unaffiliated dressage competitions more inclusive we offer a range of sections for people to compete in.

For those riders 16 and under we have a Junior section.

For riders 17 and over we have two sections:
Senior Bronze (new combinations or combinations that haven't yet achieved 65% 10 or more times)
Senior Gold (riders who have achieved 65% or more 10 times with the same combination at the given level)

Our cob sections are open to any horse or pony of cob type!

For horses 15 and over, we run a Veteran section.

Our Racehorse sections are designed for any thoroughbred horse which has raced or has been bred to race to compete against each other.

Any changes of an entry need to be made in writing to: before the day of the event.

Please see the steward on the day to declare you are on site and if any changes need to be made on the day.

Withdrawals after the closing date will not be refunded.

For dressage, combined training and eventer training you will need to display two bridle numbers on your steed!

We run our unaffiliated competitions for dressage, combined training and eventer training under British Dressage rules (please see the BD website for more information)