At Allens Hill, we want everyone to come along and enjoy themselves. Hence we run a wide range of showjumping competitions catering for all abilities and all types of horses and ponies. Our fillers are varied and wings, the courses ever changing and occasionally our resident gnomes will make an appearance… The heights start at an inviting 50 cm and finish at a more imposing 1.30 m.

Essentially our showjumping competitions are split into two types - unaffiliated classes and those affiliated to British Showjumping - although both are run under British Showjumping rules.

We run qualifiers for Cricklands and Trailblazers, hold NSEA qualifiers and also have our own prize fund classes.
Enter online here or enter on the day. Payment by cheque should be made payable to "Allens Hill". £12.00 per class. (Members £9.00) or £14.00 per class (Members £11.00) for Prize Fund Classes.
Enter online. Closing dates for entries are 3 days before the show. No accepted entries on the day of the show.
Entries are limited per class. We will hold a waiting list.
Times on 48 hours before start of show.
In more recent times, we have started running NSEA (National Schools Equestrian Association) dressage competitions where individuals and teams represent their schools to qualify for the NSEA Championships.
Every month from September to February, we hold competitions which are part of the Pony Club Winter League Showjumping series, with classes of heights of 80 cm and 90 cm.